NewDesign and location element behavior

1 year 3 months ago #3561 by lgillespie
I have read the API guide and I am trying to figure out how the location tag effects the output.

Take this example XML for the endpoint

<location width="50" height="50" /> <!-- What does this actually do -->
<transform scale="1.0" rotation="0" mirror="none" dx="0" dy="0" />
<simple_lettering text="Hello"/>
<transform scale="1.0" rotation="0" mirror="none" dx="100" dy="100" />
<simple_lettering text="World"/>
<output trueview_file="_.png" design_file="_.dst" />
<files> </files>

From the API, "The location xml specifies the size of the location in mm to be used as a reference by the API."

I would expect the second lettering object to be outside of the defined location, but the image padded itself to encompass the lettering object 'world'.

This has left me at a loss for what location is actually doing.
Even changing location to <location width="1" height="1" /> does not affect the output in any manner.

Further readings of the API it appears it might be setting something inside an EMB file for production.
Any clarification on this would be appreciated.


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