mouse, which mouse do you use?

1 year 7 months ago #661 by antony
Just want to know which mouse do you use for digitising?

Here's mine.

Since my EmbroideryStudio is installed under Parallels on a Mac, naturally I would prefer to use Apple's Magic Mouse. It's a beautiful mouse with entire surface being a touch interface. However, it can get annoying with EmbroideryStudio as it triggers horizontal scrolling too much.

Tried Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse(*), but difficult to maintain connection to Mac.

For the time being, I use Apple's Mighty Mouse. It supports both left and right clicks, and the scroll ball in the middle does not trigger unwanted horizontal scrolling on EmbroideryStudio that easily. Works fine, but I would like something a bit better.

So, I have two mice connected to the Mac, using Magic Mouse for Mac part, and Mighty Mouse for Windows (EmbroideryStudio) part.

So, that's my mouse issue so far. Which mouse do you use? Do you have any recommendations?


(*) When I used to run EmbroideryStudio on Microsoft Surface Pro 4, I use Surface Arc Mouse. However, my running EmbroideryStudio under Parallels seems to be faster than directly on Surface machine, as well as it suits my workflow better.

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7 months 4 weeks ago #2864 by Lacewood
I use a mac also .. had a few issues with mice as I was using parallels with windows and the same , scrolling was at times frustrating .. I resorted to a W** tablet .. use the mouse more and more , even W** pen is good for shading - eg smooth running stitch , found I had more control, left right clicks easy - .. I do however now use a windows laptop now for digitising as I hit things as lagging with parallels ( iVe always used latest versions of parallels ) just find less frustration with digitising.. still love my mac but when I seriously want a design done ->.windows and W**** tablet. (good as tablets can be used on both mac & windows - good for photos , art name it but great for graphics with Corel, and digitising designs. which is its main use.

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