Where to set Start Point for design on Right Side of Cap

5 months 1 week ago - 5 months 1 week ago #2870 by Pascale R.
UPDATE: I think I was making this more difficult than it needed to be. Rather than digitize the start point incorporating the distance from center, I simply took the design (disregarding where it would be located on cap), assigned bottom-center as the start point and moved the cap over to where the design would sew.

I need to add text to the right side of a cap. I'm not sure where to set the start point, so I thought I'd ask you guys before putting on the cap driver & potentially messing things up.

Do I set the start point at the center seam of the cap (A), or do I set it at the start of the text (B )? Does it matter? (Text will sew from right to left)

(I'm using a wide cap frame & Happy HCD2 machine)

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