Why does the object 'chip' expand when I change color in Color-Object List?

2 years 1 month ago #299 by Pascale R.
I have always wondered this ....
Why do the color objects/chips in the Color-Object list expand when you change their color? Is there a way to keep it from doing this?

Before I change the color (all objects are closed / not expanded):

After I change a color, the color chip expands to expose all the individual objects:

When I am changing the color assignment of many objects, it slows things down a bit to have to close the object (ie. click the "-" negative sign) after it opens up. Albeit, it is faster than scrolling through all the objects to the next color chip, but I have always wondered why they open up.
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2 years 1 month ago #303 by antony
Not an answer, but for time being, you can click on the first icon just below the Colour-Object List title bar which looks like two up-pointing triangle sign, it will close all colour nodes. This should be a bit easier than the small - (negative) sign.
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