Omit certain colors when using "Cycle Used Colors"

1 week 3 days ago #1528 by Pascale R.
Would it be possible to omit certain colors from being used when using the "Cycle Used colors"?

Scenario One:
I have an applique design (manually digitized) that uses different colors for placement, tack, and final cover. I don't want the placement & tack down colors to be included in the "cycle used colors" scheme.

Scenario two:
Two objects have to remain brown regardless of all the other colors. I'd like to see these other colors cycled, but I don't want to include the brown color.

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1 week 16 hours ago - 1 week 16 hours ago #1578 by Pascale R.
Antony mentioned this in another post "Shouldn't the thread colour of locked object be locked as well? When use "Cycle Used Colours," it shouldn't be affected? In my opinion. once the object is locked, nothing of it can be changed (apart from hidden from view if desired) unless unlocked."

That would work! Since one can't change the colors of a locked object, it makes sense (at least to me with this scenario!) that it wouldn't be affected when using the "Cycle Used colors".

As an example ... in this design I'd like to see what the text & eggs would look like when colors are cycled, BUT without including the manually digitized applique placement & tackdown stitches or the antlers! If I locked those objects, and Antony's idea worked, it would prevent the placement, tackdown and antlers from being involved. super cool!
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4 days 11 hours ago #1658 by antony
Thank you Pascale,

(That post was inspired from this post.)

I was thinking that if the having another control option (to omit from cycle used colours), that would work, but can make things more complicated, as well as being trigged by mistake and people wonder what went wrong.

To me, "locked" means all properties should be locked.

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