Add/Remove Colours from Colourway Editor?

1 year 7 months ago #1812 by antony
(I am not sure if there's an easier or more logical way exist...)

Currently, to add a new colour chip to Colourway, apart from using Smart Design and get the colour from imported image, the method I know is to click Add Colour button on Colour Toolbar (see image below):

Which comes to my question/complain/suggestion...
After a few colours, on colour chip #21, it restarts with colour chip #1 (original value). Shouldn't it pops up a window asking users to enter a colour value (RGB) or select from colour wheel/scheme? When a user adds a new colour, chances are the user is not going to re-use the colour. (I don't see the point.)

My suggestion:

Can we have Add Colour and Remove Colour on Colourway Editor Docker? And comes up window allowing users to select/enter colour.
To me, this location is logical, and I can properly *edit* available colours (colour chips) on Colourway Editor.

My Colour toolbar is located at bottom of the screen, and the Colourway Editor Docker is on the right of screen. A bit of mouse travelling.
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1 year 7 months ago #1819 by Hong
Thank you, Antony. I have raised an improvement issue for your request.


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