after add Stitch Angles, please return to Select Object (instead of Reshape)

2 years 1 month ago #2218 by antony
Okay, I know this is probably not the best digitising style, there are certain shapes I found using Digitising Closed Object is faster than using Column A or B.
Usually, After digitising all those objects, I go back to adjust the angles in one go.

My steps:
  1. using Stitch Angles (Ctrl + H).
  2. add some angle lines.
  3. press Enter key
  4. select next object to change stitch angles
  5. (back to step 1)

Here's the minor thing, right after step 3 above, Reshape tool remain active.
And I select the next object to add stitch angles, it looks like this:

Is it possible to set the default to Select Object (O) after pressing Enter key instead? If so, the busy digitising area could look like this instead (without me changing to Select Object mode):

I know I can continue to add stitch angles on new object just selected while in Reshape mode, but Select Object (O) mode would make it clean and easier to the eyes without all those blue circles, yellow squares, orange angle lines, and sometimes green entry and red exit marks.

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