Wish for Create User-Refined Letter Dialogue box : pull down menu of names

2 years 5 days ago #2323 by Pascale R.
When creating user-refined letters, I would like to suggest adding a pull down menu of the names already in use so we know what is already there & to be able to use them multiple times , like so:

I'm still learning the best way to work with the Manage User-Refined letters, but I'm thinking, it would be helpful to know what names have already been assigned & be able to use them again, if necessary. For example:
-- "Open<10mm" for adjustments to centers of a,b,d,o,p,q , so centers don't become blobs, or
-- "Fatten" to fatten up certain letters that may have been created too thin, or
-- "i<4mm" to redo the dots on 'i' and 'j', or
-- "Alternate s" to make an alternate script s match previous letter better, or
-- "Shorten Serifs" to shorten serifs of Centurion i,m,h,n, etc so they don't appear like a straight line

What do you think?

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