Hide and Ungenerate / Not Stitch options

1 year 10 months ago #2500 by antony
I would like to request more options to Hide the object when right click on Colour-Object List area.

In addition to Hide and Hide Others, please have Hide & Ungenerate, and Hide & Don't Stitch. Also, please give us keyboard shortcuts on those.

On Hide & Ungenerate,
The selected object would be hidden and with 0 stitches (ungenerated).

On Hide & Don't Stitch,
The selected object would be hidden and with stitches intake, however, this particular object will not be exported to machine file. In other words, during exporting, this object is being treated as "invisible" or "not there."

Reason for those two additional Hide options, I might want to keep the settings of said objects. In one object is ungenerated, the entry and exit points of adjacent objects might get changed when apply Closest Join. Hence, an option to keep stitches there, but do not export to machine.

To many of us, hidden means not here, and shouldn't shown up at machine file. (Unwanted surprise.)

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The following user(s) said Thank You: Pascale R.

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