No linked doc on index folder for Design Library

1 week 1 day ago #2148 by antony
I set the WiFi USB Stick to read (to sync rather) a shared folder on network (on NSA), and I thought I could add that network folder to Design Library.

(I know the Wilcom documentation tells me to set WiFi USB Stick to read a shared folder on main computer, however, since my Mac and Windows (Parallels) may go to sleep from time to time, putting the shared folder on NSA is a better solution, and works.)

When I tried to include network location for Design Library, I got this message:

When I click on "How can this folder be indexed?" it points me to
a general Windows help page.
Can I have a more direct page on how to set it up? Thanks

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1 week 17 hours ago #2165 by Petar
Yeah you won't be able to index the folder in the library from the NAS. It's basically not supported by Windows.

The dialog is a standard windows dialog which is completely out of our control as the library uses Windows Indexing.

The only option would be to map the network location to the same drive letter on each PC.

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