Approval & Production Sheet Colourways not Independent

1 year 1 month ago #3202 by Chrisstitch
Approval & Production Sheet Colorways not Independent

Open design in Designer with multiple colourway options.
File\ Print Preview
Approval Sheet_ Colorways_ All
This also toggles the production sheet Colourways.
When we are sending Multicolourways to the client for approval there can be 10 different tablecloth colours and colourways and we dont need to send them everything. Just one Approval sheet for location and multiple Production sheets would be better. We'd do it the otherway around but there is no Zoom on the approval sheet!
Also, the barcode fails to convert in a pdf and looks bad! (Is the relevant font included in the installation at all?)

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1 year 1 month ago #3213 by Petar
Thanks for the report. The issue is reported in CAD-14727.

I just want to clarify the barcode issue.

What was the original text?
Is the PDF being opened on the same machine or on a different machine?

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