Reef Photo Stitch color separation

5 months 3 weeks ago #3416 by Irene N.A.
I am playing with the color separation and really love the idea. Yet I have go a problem. When I import the color separated pdf file, the 4th page ( black color) is blank. No matter how much black color there was in the original image.
All my settings while in the Print mode are correct as I stop follow Wilcom's video at every tab of precisely and step by step. There are no issues on the Issue tab.

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5 months 3 weeks ago #3421 by Pras
Hi Irene,
I can't reproduce the issue. Page 4 - black color is not blank(see attached Page4.png). What CorelDRAW version are you using? It may be due to the CMYK profile used. Could you let me know the CMYK profile you're using (Select Tools>Color Management...) ? I used the default "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2"

You can also split the image into CMYK channels in Corel Photo-Paint using steps below:
1. Load the image in Corel Photo-Paint
2. Select image and convert to CMYK(Image>Convert To>CMYK)
3. Select Image>Split Channels To CMYK
4. Save each channel as PNG
Please check whether this works for you?

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5 months 3 weeks ago #3422 by Irene N.A.
Hi Pras,
I am using Corel 17 that came with the e4 installation usb. And yes, I am also using the default CMYK profile.

But this is what I have discovered yesterday while playing with the color separation some more:

- if I go exactly by the video tutorial, step by step, I do get the 4th page empty, i.e. no black color.
- but, if after saving the PDF (Microsoft Print to PDF) I immediately switch to Wilcom and back to Corel and only after that import the color separated PDF, I do get the 4th page with black color.

It's as if the software needs some more time to process the file. Go figure.

Thank you very much for info and link to Corel Photo-Paint, it did work very well. As to the video link - it will be my favorite one from now on. I do know Adobe, Corel not so much.


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