How my design is situated on E4.5 screen is not how it is loading into Barudan

3 months 1 week ago #3435 by ROBERT0428
I have never had this issue before!

I needed to digitize a design that was off center as per customer request.

I transferred the digitized design in dst format to a thumb drive and laded it into my Barudan. I had done this so many times with no issue. This time, when the machine loaded, it was way off my placement in Wilcom!

I have attached a picture of the Wilcom screen and a picture of the Barudan screen.
So...when I loaded a older previously digitized design (E4.5 also) done about 3 weeks ago. it was right where I had wanted it. I tried loading Wilcom with default setting thinking I somehow messed things up.

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3 months 1 week ago #3436 by Petar

Can you attach a picture of the Auto Start and End dialog settings and an image of the design with trueview off.


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