Team Names - can an entire TEAM be duplicated and edited?

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** I found Brenden's video in the tutorial section & will watch it ** I'll get back with you to let you know if I still have questions after watching it. YES! Brenden's tutorial answered my questions! Great video!

And, in order to duplicate an existing team, it can be done this way: can create a new team by going to ADD and naming a new team. Then, go back to the old team > quick names > select all & copy, then go to 'newly' created team > quick fill > and paste.

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Because I'm not at all confident when using the TEAMNAME tool and didn't have time to figure it out, I ended up creating each design individually without using the "Team Name" tool.

Now that the order is complete, I have the opportunity to revisit the design and ask you guys for help.

Here is my design from last year

1. One of the teams in the pull down Teams menu is "WMS softball 2019". Since the 2020 order was essentially the same, is there a way to duplicate this "team", rename it, and then change the players names in the NAME 1 field?

2. In retrospect, since the text WESTWOOD doesn't change from year to year, I probably shouldn't have included it as a teamname field. Is that correct?
This is an edited add-on: While trying to work things out, I suspect that WESTWOOD does need to be Name to create the baselines - right?

3. Looking at the Manage Team dialogue box, how did I manage to populate "7 WESTWOOD Cali" in the Teamname list ?

I wish I had a better understanding of how to use Teamnames! A video of how to do a similar design with 3 different text fields would be especially helpful to me :)
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