DST imported design generates zero stitching, but PES version is OK

1 week 5 days ago #3442 by Pascale R.
I have two identical designs that I created in Embrilliance software. At first, I saved the file in DST format (the format I usually save). However, when I OPENED (and IMPORTED) the DST file into Wilcom, there were sections of manual stitching that had zero stitching (see screenshot).

I went back to Embrilliance & saved the design in PES format & opened in Wilcom. It worked ok.

I suspect it has something to do with the length of the stitching. Although, this was easy to remedy (by moving the nodes of the adjacent objects to 'fill-in' the missing areas), but what if this had happened in a more complicated design. Could the zero stitching be resolved during the importing and/or opening process? The OPTION was activated to recognize objects & outlines. Did I miss something else?

I attached the original DST & PES files, along with the EMB files (labeled to explain how I got the files into Wilcom)

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