How do I edit the Teamname template for new school?

4 months 6 days ago #3457 by Pascale R.
I have a teamname template, that has a short (one word) school name, which I am using for a new customer design.

1. New customer's school name has two name & is longer.
How do I universally edit (so I only have to edit it once) the "BURKE CATHOLIC" kerning & the radius. I can do each one separately, but that takes time and I may not be consistent in what I tweak.

2. All the team players names are nicely positioned under the softball, except for "Abby". How do I reposition her name only?


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4 months 5 days ago - 4 months 5 days ago #3460 by Petar
1. Oops there is an easier way my brain needs more coffee. Make the changes you need to one teamname and then when ready hit the Apply to All button in the teamnames docker. (It in the second row)

2. This is easier. The teamname in the docker and then hold Alt+Left Click on her name. This selects only that name and then you can move it.
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