stitch generation within lettering object

10 months 1 week ago #3563 by Barbara
I found an issue within stitch generation in lettering object. Between I and N in the word "since" closest join is not applied.
In general setting also shortest join is not set but it is my understanding that this is a general setting for all objects when digitized.
The lettering object is specified to connect letters with closest join - opposite to base line or as digitized - and the connector settings are set inside object to run. The all over small stitch filter is set to 0.3.
The connector should be filtered out since the connector stitch would be more or less 1 mm.
I cannot find any other setting influencing not to connect with the shortest join and believe this is a miscalculation .
It works with stitch edit without any loss of stitches due to 0.3 small stitch filtering but of course stitch edit is not the final goal.


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10 months 1 week ago #3569 by Petar
Change the font to Small Block 2 and then change back to Small Block 1 and the problem is gone.

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