Trouble loading Barudan FDR 3 onto machine with USB Drive

3 months 5 days ago #3644 by LightishRedd

This is a problem that I forgot to report when Wilcom 4.5 came out. I don't typically use the FDR 3 machine format unless I have designs that require many thread colors. FDR 3 just makes it easier.

When I load a design in the FDR 3 format I currently get the on-screen error code A05. It's a "Wrong Tape Code or BAUD Rate Error". I've attached a couple photos to show the on-screen code and the Help Book description. I'm not sure what any of this means, but I noticed that the code lists "EL?" on the screen. According to the Help Book, this is the Tajima Code and not the Barudan Code.

I've also attached some FDR 3 files that were saved to the USB stick prior to 4.5 that still work and a file that I just saved yesterday that I'm trying to load but will not. These are in a Zip file. All of the files except for the one labeled "[BLACKHEATHER]-Lattice" still work.

Oh, and we only load designs from a USB stick. We don't use a cable or have our Barudan machines networked.


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3 months 2 days ago #3648 by Gina
Did you ever get this resolved?

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3 months 2 days ago #3649 by LightishRedd
Unfortunately no. I'm not sure what the true problem is. It started happening after 4.5 was released, and because the screen shows a Tajima code rather than a Barudan code, I'm just guessing that there's something saved to the file on export that doesn't represent it properly.

I'm thinking about raising a bug report, but wanted to see if a developer or moderator on this board has seen the issue. I may contact Barudan as well to see if they're aware of this happening.

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