Is this normal - using Breakapart on Text changes the connector method

2 weeks 11 hours ago #3663 by Pascale R.
I just ran into situation where I noticed tiny holes in knit fabric where the tieoffs occurred.
After looking things over, I *think* it may be an issue with the tieoffs created after I used breakapart.

1. I created text using esa font; 3rd party; closest join; has tie offs set with method 2 (inside objects settings).

2. I needed to realign the monogram; so I used breakapart.

3. The connectors (which now uses the AFTER object connector settins) changes to method 1 (the x looking tie-off). These extra needle penetrations, I believe may be responsible for the holes in my baby items.

Is there anyway to prevent this from happening - ie. how do I keep the alphabet lettering (after breakapart) to retain the same connector method?

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1 week 5 days ago #3671 by Petar
It won't the inside connectors are not used in the same way anymore, does not control the trims between letters so you would need to adjust the after connector properties to suit.
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