Why did the outlines & offsets objects get sequenced differently?

2 years 3 months ago #385 by Pascale R.
Just wondering why the objects created using the outlines & offsets were not sequenced in the same order as the original objects.

I initially created the text "Brynlee" from a TTF (as a lettering object).
I selected the entire text (as a lettering object), used the offsets tool to create a complex fill with a backstitch outline.

The complex filled objects appeared in this order "yBnrlee", followed by the outline stitches, in the same 'yBnrlee' order. (along the way, I changed the complex fill to a motif, changed the backstitch to a zigzag. I also edited and redid the satin outline for the 'e' and 'l' so disregard the order they appear ).

1. Why didn't the new objects appear in Brynlee order?
2. Why didn't the outline sew immediately after each letter?


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2 years 3 months ago #417 by brenden
Hi Pascale,

I suspect that the sequence of the original objects is not even used to determine the sequence of the resultant objects, and in a way I think that may also be best as who says that sequence is optimal?

To me the real solution is to create a logical sequence for the resultant offset. In this case, it would be logical (I think) that is starts on one side and moves to the opposite side. i.e. left to right or right to left.

I'll raise this as a task for us to investigate as it would be an excellent productivity boost if the sequence was more optimised.


Chief Product Officer - Wilcom
Sydney, Australia

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