Auto Fabric Not Working

3 months 4 days ago #3852 by Gsewell
Normally when I digitize, I turn off pull comp and underlay. When I am through digitizing, I go back and apply both based on the fabric I am using. In the past I have never used the Auto Fabric feature of Wilcom.
Today I created a new simple "ABC" text object, selected it, went to Design/Auto Fabric menu, turned it on and selected "Pique" as the fabric. When I selected OK, nothing happened in the design. No additional pull comp and underlay changes.

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2 months 3 weeks ago #3859 by Gsewell
Replied by Gsewell on topic Auto Fabric Not Working
I guess I am the only one having this issue, or no one else is using this feature.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #3881 by Petar
Replied by Petar on topic Auto Fabric Not Working
The issue has been raised in CAD-15305.

My suggestion would be to turn on auto fabrics at the start if you are going to use it rather than after. You either use it from the start or don't use it.

I personally like to set the underlay and pull comp myself.

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