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3 months 2 weeks ago - 3 months 2 weeks ago #3867 by dellyb

I need to create a virtual bitmap from a vector that I have created in the software.

This process used to give very clear un-pixelated imaged in png however last year, when the software was updated the process changed and it has resulted in far poorer images...

Can anyone tell me if a work round was done please?

I have attached the differences in the results..

The first image is the old image... the second the new image. Both in png. As you can see the first image give far smoother outlines to the shape than the second. The third one is a png exported from Corel.

I can make the vector then transfer to Corel Draw and export the .png from there however this is so slow and the system keeps crashing out and closing the whole program so I would rather not have to do this.
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Replied by Petar on topic Capture Virtual Bitmap
The issue has been raised in CAD-15317

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