Extra color in a font created as single color [FONT CREATOR]

7 months 3 weeks ago #3897 by LindeeG
This is a font I made some time ago and thought I had fixed the problem but it's still cropping up. This font was created "as digitized" with"remove functions" checked. The original source file is single color and all unused colors have been removed.

After creating the font, once I add a few letters, the "A" gets an extra color when the text object is changed to another color. I've tried replacing the letter and recreating the font from scratch using different colors for the font but it still happens if I change the color once I used the font.

Even if I use the font in a file that only has 1 color in it (red), once I get to C or D, the green pops up in the A.

Here you can see I've changed the text object from the original default green to red but there's still a piece in the A that's green. This is the only letter that does that.

How do I fix this? I'm attaching the original source file, the text file shown here, and the ESA file.

I'm creating the font in 4.1 so I can use it in Hatch 2.

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