Need help interpreting the Stitch List to identify Tie-Off stitches

1 year 11 months ago #488 by Pascale R.
For those of you who have a great deal of experience with the Stitch List, what do the following screenshots tell you (at the trims)? Are there tie off stitches after each letter of this monogram (a non-emb file from Monogram Wizard Plus monogram software)?

When I move through the design by Trims, it is not apparent to me that there are tie-off stitches at the end of each letter. There may be 3 back & forth passes at the end, but they are not shorter stitch lengths, so I worry they are not sufficient tie-offs.

I did a trial sewout, at low speeds, but I couldn't tell if there were good tie-offs.
When I last fooled around with the design by the deleting zero stitch objects and inserting tieoffs with the connectors tab, I got an Exception Access Violation error.

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1 year 11 months ago #493 by antony
I am definitely not expert on this part, however, I somehow have a feeling that .dst does not have/support "tie-off" command.

You can, always insert "tie-off" comment from menu, if that helps.

By looking at the code Wilcom generates
The stitch travels about 0.5 forward and back after tie-off command. (The .dst file does not seem to have proper tie-off's, as not travelling forth and back)

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1 year 11 months ago #495 by brenden

Anthony is correct in that most stitch files don't contain functions to items like a Tie-Off. To a machine they are just normal stitches that moves in a pattern that makes a tie-off.

On the software side we can identify and include a tie-off, but once it is saved as a stitch file they just become stitches.

Chief Product Officer - Wilcom
Sydney, Australia

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1 year 11 months ago #499 by Pascale R.
Thank you once again Antony & Brenden for helping me demystify all of this! I know you guys are probably tired of me asking about stitch files!

So, if I understand correctly, one can't look at the Stitch List of a stitch file and tell what the machine will do. For example (I'm making this up), 4 jumps in a row doesn't always mean that machine will do a trim, while a Jump(M) means it will do something else.

Thanks Antony for taking a look at the file and confirming that the DST didn't have adequate tie-offs. That's what I thought too. I've always wondered if I was being overly cautious by adding my own tie-offs!

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