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6 months 2 weeks ago #1495 by FLORIN
Bold font was created by FLORIN
Hi I need to make the Futura.esa font Bold, as by default is way too thin for what I need.
I need it to look like the TTF Futura Bold.
I have tried to adjust the column width but it will distort my letters and will be different from the real Futura Bold...
Please help ?

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6 months 2 weeks ago #1518 by antony
Replied by antony on topic Bold font
From what I know, there's no quick way to get "bold" style out of ESA font. And if you look carefully, there are geometry differences (apart from thicker strokes) between Futura Bold and Futura.

If you really want *proper* Futura Bold, you might need to install Futura Bold on your Windows, and use TrueType font, or digitise Futura Bold.

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