I need remedial help with Teamnames!

1 year 2 months ago #2126 by Pascale R.
I have 5 towels that need names (no designs; just names). Rather than make 5 separate files, I thought I'd use the teamnames tool to make it easier.

How do you get the stitches to generate from this point? I can use the object properties icon to change the font (and apply to all), but stitches aren't generating.

I've attached the emb file
Note: the blob object #6 is just there to save the file (I wasn't sure if it would save w/o any stitches).

I'm using version e4.2H


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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #2127 by antony
Method 1:
Step 1:
Make sure all team names on Team Names docker are selected. The main design windows should have all the names in outline.

Step 2:
In main design window, select all your team names (in outline style), and press G (Generate Stitches)

Step 3:
Press one of those buttons

left one: to create separate designs; right one: to create a matrix of designs)

Assuming you click on the left circled one (separate designs):
You should see a lot of tabs being opened, each should have just one of the team member's name.

Method 2 (semi-manual):
Step 1:
In Team Names docker, select one name at a time,

Step 2:
Go to main design window area (or Colour-Object List docker) and select the name (in outline), and press G

Step 3:
You can then export this design to your machine (which should have just one name generated.) Using this manual method, you won't have many tabs created, and don't need to use create separate designs button.

Step 4:
Remember to press G again (to un-generate stitches) before work on next name.
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1 year 2 months ago #2134 by Pascale R.
Thank you Antony for the detailed steps! That helped & saved me further aggravation !!

It turns out I was missing the simple, but major step of selecting all the objects from the Color-Object List AND highlighting all the names in the TeamNames docker before hitting G.

Your two methods of exporting the files were new to me, too.
Once the names are generated, I have always used the Save Options (usually the first one) in this dialogue box (Export Machine Files -- use the options bottom at bottom of page next to the Save/Cancel buttons).

It's good to have another way to save the files individually!

Thanks again for coming to my rescue :)

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