Does e4.2 have tatami fill patterns (like ones seen in Hatch)?

5 days 10 hours ago - 5 days 10 hours ago #2201 by Pascale R.
This evening I got side tracked and ended up watching several Hatch videos.

Of interest was the Tatami fill patterns (pattern 37 - kind of wooly looking).
Does e4.2 have predefined tatami fill patterns for us to choose from?

I know I can change the offset fractions or create partition lines to create different texture, but it's a guessing exercise for me. Is there a chart that shows what different sequences will look like?


Note to self: Johns' linkvideo about Tatami Fills, offset fractions & partition sequences
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5 days 9 hours ago - 4 days 13 hours ago #2203 by Karla
Hi Pascale,

I don't think we have a chart to show how the patterns would look like similar to Hatch. Can you try changing the value of random field, example for the pattern 37 you selected in hatch enter value 50% it will look just as the same. It can be a good base to experiment for tatami.

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