Repositioning location of the start/end points changes satin to run ???

5 months 4 weeks ago #2288 by Pascale R.
Here's another strange thing:
When I change the location of the start/end points, the stitching changes from satin to run.

STEPS I took:
I used the ellipse tool to make a circle. (It was originally an embroidery object then changed to graphic after offset was applied).
I used the offset to create a negative offset (to eventually make the placement, tack, etc for patch)
All of the circle objects were created using copy/paste (from original offset) AND The satin circle was initially a backstitch, then triple run, then satin. AND at some point, I made the circles bigger using the properties bar size boxes.

After sewing, I see the tieoffs / tie ins are quite visible where they are currently located.
I thought to move the tie in/offs so it would be near one of the letters (hopefully camouflage it more).
When I move the start point, the satin stitch becomes a run stitch. Why?

I checked the nodes and they are all 'circles' (the square nodes caused problem on another project, so that is why I checked).

Work around: I used the rotate/angle tool to move it until it was where I wanted. So Weird. :unsure:

I've added quick video and emb file (NOTE: This was a true EMB file; no DST file was involved !)

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5 months 4 weeks ago #2292 by Petar
It's un-generating the stitches due to lap corners being on. The fix is simple just select the object and turn off lap corners.

I have raised an issue with development in CAD-13693
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