Digitizing - Some file types export with an initial/ending jump stitch

11 months 2 weeks ago #2392 by pm317b
Hi! I am new to Hatch Embroidery Digitizer and for the most part have been able to pick it up pretty easily, but having a recent random issue.

Trying to make a few templates I am getting what is either an initial or ending stitch right in the center of the design that is not there in the digitizing screen or the stitch player. My machine is a Janome and JEF files do not have this, but if I export as a Singer (XXX) file or certain other ones this stitch appears.

Oddly enough complex designs do not have this. For instance I have a design with three objects where none are in the center and it displays properly in the preview. However simple designs are starting right in the center and then jumping to the object whereever it is for some unknown reason (to me).

Can somebody educate the new kid?

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11 months 2 weeks ago #2398 by Marnelli
Hi Patrick,

All replies will be sent out via the ZENDESK Ticket # 28375 you've opened. Thanks.

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