Problem editing a College Applique ESA letter

1 year 1 month ago #2434 by Pascale R.
I'm working with version: e4.2J 9 Jul 2019 (138-20143) [45c261f5]

I don't remember if this happened before or if I just never ran across the need to edit an esa applique letter.

Here's the scenario:
I typed A using the Applique college esa font
Let's say I want to edit the shape.
When I use the H key & move nodes (single or multiple nodes) around, only one 'layer' is edited (placement, tack, cover are not edited at the same time). It's acting as though it was broken apart.
Like so:

The default Sequence stitch method was AD. I also checked the "Original Stitch Values" box. There was no difference in outcome.

Is this normal?

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1 year 1 month ago #2435 by Petar
Yes this is normal and the same behavior in previous versions. You need to repeat the operation 3 times once for each item you want to change.
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