Help with Interpreting the Stitch List commands

2 years 1 month ago #224 by Pascale R.
Would someone be able to help me interpret the Stitch List commands .

This design is plagued by unnecessary trims. When using the Travel By Trim command, there are several areas that it doesn't stop, yet the machine actually stopped and trimmed.

One such area is the dog's muzzle. The machine stopped after the horizontal fill sewed, it stopped, trimmed, then proceeded with the outline of the muzzle. Note: the open fill is 'normal' for this design.

Do all the (empty),jump function codes tell the machine to trim? Why doesn't the "Travel By Trim" stop at this area?


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2 years 1 month ago #230 by brenden

Different machine brands have different ways to create trim. Some have an actual 'Trim' command, while others use three jumps to indicate a trim.

You're may be the later. if you attach the .EMB designs we can take a closer look for you.


Chief Product Officer - Wilcom
Sydney, Australia

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2 years 1 month ago #235 by vitordigitizing
I don t know why, but when I got dst files (like dakota designs collections) and I need add
trim or something like that, wilcom create a lot of jumps on same place, so I travel by function and delete then one by one.

Always Learning.

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2 years 1 month ago #241 by Pascale R.
here is the purchased design Brenden ...

There are tons of trims; so many unnecessary trims that I wondered if the trims were added by Wilcom.

The first time I sewed the design, I added text using Wilcom to the 4x4 dst design and sent it to my Happy HCD2 1501 machine. It had trims in unexpected places. Thinking perhaps it was Wilcom that was adding the trims, I sent the 4x4 DST design directly to the machine (it was not touched by Wilcom) & it too had the same trims.

I took notes of where trims occurred while the design sewed. Travel by Trim located all but around the following areas: stitch # 1894, 3592, and 3347 (face outline, muzzle outline and nose outline). *** I'd like to learn how to interpret/identify these areas using the Stitch List ***

Perhaps the really bizarre trims (like around the football) are due to something happening when digitizer converted their native file to DST, or maybe it's simply a case of digitizing differently than how I would have done the design.

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