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Font Creator - e4,2J was created by Barbara
I tried following:

with the external cross stith application I punched some letters, saved them as emx, importet those stitch based so that there are manual stitches.

Selected my first group of manual stitches which had the shape of an cross stitch e and then made it keyboard lettering with the font creator.

Went on with three other groups of manual stitches which formed other letters.

In the font list in the lettering tool my Kreuz1 font, which I just created appeared.

Opened a new design file, typed some of the letters I made, selected the font and I can see the vector lines but I cannot generate stitches.

Another attempt was to generate several letters with the regular application, complex input tool with cross stitch fill. Again through font creator I set some letters (as digitized). Again, the font was listed in the lettering font list, and I could type but I could not apply cross stich fill.

I assume, even when set as digitized, it is not possible to create lettering based on manual stitches nor with a cross stich fill?

My workaround for now ist to save each single letter (crosses formed by manual stitches) as emb into clipart and then pulling every single letter from clipard docker into the design window using the align tool and specific grid settings.

Is that really the only way to make cross stitch lettering a little more quick? No TeamName function possible for cross stitch lettering?

Best Regards.

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1 year 8 months ago #2826 by Unique
Replied by Unique on topic Font Creator - e4,2J
If you have Remove function checked it will remove the Manual stitches, Color Changes, etc. try un-checking the box.

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1 year 8 months ago #2831 by yogisaw
Replied by yogisaw on topic Font Creator - e4,2J
Why can't I see create letter in object menu? How do I know what level of wilcom I have been using?

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