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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #2653 by Barbara
Are there any issues known when opening designs with sequin objects (run and fill) made in e3 for twin sequin device in terms of not keeping the type/size of sequins when opened in e4.2?

I hadn't had a problem myself yet but a customer who is on trial of e4.2 insists that his desings (very large 1 mio +++ stitches) had 3 mm sequins applied and now open with 5 mm, sometimes with two different colors or some objects with 5mm and some with 3 mm).

Is it mendatory to have set up a sequin pallette matching the old one in the old installation? My understanding was up to now, that the size, shape, and color of sequins used in a design are saved within the emb file so that everything stays at it was saved?!?

Unfortunately I cannot check in my e3 the sequin shapes and sizes of his files since all I got are e4.2 files and the customer, although on trial, already uninstalled e3 !!

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1 year 7 months ago #2656 by Petar
I just created a design in e3 and saved it as EMB. The design opens exactly the same in e4.1 and e4.2. If the file is an EMB then size/color of sequin is remembered.

If it's the sitch file you need to remember the size and color of the sequins. Hence always save the EMB.
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