Bitmap Fill in a vector object (wilcom workspace) is not always visible

1 year 3 weeks ago #2699 by Pascale R.
This happens often; but not all the time (ie. it's not reproducible)
I'm using e4.2j, but I also noticed this in earlier versions.

Notice that I have digitized a vector object and have chosen a bitmap fill (fabric swatch). The fabric is visible in the selection box; but it is not showing up in the work area or in the Color-Object list.

Eventually (and I'm not sure how I get it to work) it finally shows up. I toggle between showing and not showing bitmap & vectors, I select new fabrics ... I'm not sure what finally triggers it to show up correctly.

Maybe of value:
The bitmap fill (fabric swatch) is a jpg image.
This file was created using SAVE AS from an EMB file last used in 2016 (which was initially saved from a purchased DST design). I added the vector object in the SAVE AS file today by selecting the "Digitize Closed Shape" tool with the Vector Fill option.
Wilcom program had been running for ~ 24 hours.

I have not paid enough attention to notice when this issue happens, or if it also happens with Native EMB files. To test:
1. I opened a blank page, digitized a vector object & filled with bitmap fill - I didn't have problem.
2. I closed Wilcom, restarted, opened the old 2016 emb file mentioned above, added vector & bitmap fill w/o a problem.
3. I hit UNDO to remove the vector fill & object, used SAVED AS to create a new file. Added vector and assigned it a fabric bitmap fill and didn't have a problem.
But, as I mentioned earlier, this is not a constant problem; sometimes it works!

Any ideas why this happens?

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