Disruption of stitches

7 months 3 weeks ago #2701 by umar
Disruption of stitches was created by umar
Hi everyone.
Look at the first image in attachment and descipted by numbers:

1 ---> I have an object.
2---> I duplicated the object to new position.
3---> Now i wanted to merge colors. so i thougth that must to move the color to upper color.
4---> I moved the color (59) to upper one at position. so tow colors merged.

But after that, the moved object disruped and gets ugly view...!

what is wrong in my done steps?! how to merge colors without any disruption?!

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7 months 3 weeks ago #2702 by brenden
Replied by brenden on topic Disruption of stitches
Hi Umar,

Could you kindly attach the EMB file you created before you moved the objects? I would like to try and reproduce the issue.


Chief Product Officer - Wilcom
Sydney, Australia

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7 months 3 weeks ago #2704 by umar
Replied by umar on topic Disruption of stitches
thank you for your attention.
this is my file after duplicated and before mreging color.

my wilcom is 2013.

please help about this problem as soon as you can.

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