Size Discrepancies from design to saved or formated design.

10 months 4 weeks ago #2772 by dellyb

I have been doing a design where the width and height were 300mm x 175mm which should fit into a 300x200 hoop size.

However, when saving the design as an EMB or PES for example the design is saving at 300.6mm wide...It will then not go into the machine as the 300x200 hoop is too small...

I have therefore had to make the design 299mm x 175mm but then that has been saved as 299.7mm x 175.3mm in EMB and 299.6mm x 175.2mm in PES format

Why is this happening? Is there something I am doing wrong?


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10 months 4 weeks ago #2780 by Petar
Are you able to attach the emb file?

It could just be a rounding thing or a slight change somewhere when the file is exported. I would not worry too much if it's less than a 1mm difference.

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10 months 3 weeks ago #2785 by yogisaw
It happens when the stitches are flowing out of object outline. If you have an object which has pull compensation enabled, wilcom count the width as the width of object from its outline but when you convert it to machine format there is no object left and it gets converted to stitches and hence you get bigger design.

you need to set a repeat of 300mm to see if the object and the repeat is overlapping and if so you can reduce it. or else make a box of width of 300mm and see, you will find the stitches are flowing out from the box.

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