Help with run stitch settings - thread breaking

2 years 6 days ago #3905 by edesign
I'm working with the latest Wilcom e4 and hoping you can help me with issues I'm having with the run stitch. I'm digitizing a design with sharp curves (long and short straight curves) its the outline of a dog's fur. I've tried many different settings for the run stitch, but I continue to get thread breaks and one test resulted in a needle break. From my research online, it sounds like my stitches are too short, causing the thread breaking (please correct me if I am wrong). My question, is there a recommendation for what is considered a minimum setting to avoid short stitches that will cause this issue? How short is too short?

I've tried stitch lengths from 1.85 to 2.50 mm (seems to have less breaking with longer length). I've also tried turning on and off the variable run length option (seems to get worse with variable run turned on). I don't fully understand the variable length settings: minimum length and chord gap, but I've used the standard settings (min length: 0.80 and chord gap: 0.05) and also tried (min length: 0.80 and gap: 0.20).

I have yet to find a combination that works perfectly.

I would appreciate any rules of thumb or advice for a jagged edge run stitch with sharp curves. Thank you for your help.

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2 years 1 day ago #3909 by SVP
Seems nobody of experts are not able to help!
-Have you tried with normal test of thread (adjustig thread tension in satin 5mm)?
-Have you tried with different size of needle?
Thread breaking depends of manny factors

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