E Stitch Settings Entry/Exit Points and Jumps

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #2967 by edesign
I'm using the latest e4. I have my entry/exit points set on the right, center side of an appliqué shape for all three stitches: guide, trim and cover E Stitch.

After the guide and trim stitch, the needle jumps across to the left, center of the shape to start the E Stitch rather that starting right after the trim stitch (where the entry/exit point is set). I'm trying to avoid unnecessary jumps and tie offs, and don't understand why it automatically does this. I noticed that when I switch the cover stitch type to satin or even zigzag, the software will start stitching right where it left off after the trim stitch, but not when I switch the stitch to E Stitch. Applying closest join doesn't change anything either. The software still selects its own entry/exit point. I plan to use the E Stitch a lot and am perplexed at why it jumps to its own start point rather than at my set points.

To test this further, I created three simple square outlines (not appliqué) and tried (J) closest join while the squares were a fill stitch or satin outline (anything other than E Stitch), it worked great. The needle enters where my entry/exit points are set. However, when I change the outline of one of the squares to an E Stitch, the software automatically assigns an entry/exit point for that square and ignores my set points - creating a jump and tie off.

It's almost like the software pre-calculates the spacing of the E stitch and runs based on its own calculations overriding my set points. I tried adjusting the E stitch spacing under Stitch values and playing with some of the adjustments under Effects. Nothing seemed to change. Just trying to understand if the software overrides set points for E stitches and if the jumps are unavoidable.

Appreciate your help.
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3 years 1 month ago #2979 by antony
If not mistaken, E-Stitch is type of outline stitch.
With outline stitch, you can't really do much about entry and exit points. (Not as flexible as fill stitch.)

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