Cannot open files from Windows Explorer

1 year 7 months ago #3122 by AmonRa
I am new to embroidery. I installed Truesizer (Free version) which worked perfectly fine for what I needed.
Except for the popup every time I closed the software, advertising that I buy the Pro version.

Which I eventually did, just to get rid of the app.

The following 3 bad things happened:

a). This is just frustrating, not a real issue, but the Truesizer icon is gone and is just a white/blue box now (it was a dark blue icon with a T, that would show at the bottom right of embroidery file thumbnails in Windows explorer, and also when I right clicked on an embroidery file and it shows Truesizer as an option for "open with..."

b). Also an annoyance. I bought this thing to stop the ads. They no longer show up when I close the app, but another popup with a huge Truesizer logo shows up randomly on the bottom right of my laptop screen.

c). This is a real problem. I like to open files by double clicking from Windows Explorer. In the free version this worked fine: The first file opened without an issue; subsequent files first gave a window asking if I wanted or not to save the currently open file.
The Pro is supposed to open multiple files. It does, if i open the second and subsequent files from Truesizer. But double clicking from Windows Explorer does nothing. I get a spinning circle for a few second and then nothing. Super frustrating, makes me want to go back to the Free version.

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