Error Msg: 1073741515, which directs me to seek tech support

1 year 7 months ago #3197 by janmacwill
I am unable to install TrueSizer Pro, after 5 attempts.
I am attempting to access it through link on the confirmation email that was sent to me.
It takes about 45 minutes to fully download. Then a security check runs. Then I get the error message 1073741515. Retry does nothing. Abort does just that. Ignore goes through the entire set up and installation.

I get another error message that says:
Following files did not self-register: 1. C:\Program Files\common files\wilcom\embshell ext.dll Error: 0x0

After Restart it tells me that the program is installed and ready to use. When I try to open it I get this message 4 times: DESLOADER.exe - System Error (to see the full error message, look at the attachment.)

At no point in the setup process am I ever asked for my activation code.

I would truly like to get some tech support, but so far can't find the right way to get it!

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1 year 7 months ago #3222 by Petar
Looks like one of your Microsoft Visual Studio C++ runtimes has had an issue. Trying re-installing them or running a repair via Add/Remove programs.

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