Unable to open EMB files created with Embroidery 2 trial

2 years 1 week ago #2721 by swanstevenson@gmail.com
Please forgive me if this posting is a duplicate. I just made a post that never showed up.

Today I downloaded and installed Trusizer in order to open some EMB files I created a couple months ago using a trial of Embroidery 2. When I try to open them, all give the same message:

Cannot open design....
Design was created with a newer version of software.

See below screenshot.



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2 years 1 week ago #2726 by Petar

The message is correct, as the version of Truesizer is older than the version of software that created the file.

You will need the newer TruesizerPro e4.2 in order to open the files.


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2 years 1 week ago #2727 by Marnelli
Hi Janet,

Thanks for sending your email.

Some things we want to clarify from you...
Have you downloaded the TrueSizer Desktop E4 free version and tried to open the design you created in HATCH V2 free trial version as you've mentioned from your email?

If yes and you used HATCH V2 free trial version for the mentioned EMB design file you tried to open in TRUESIZER e4 free trial version, please use the TS PRO e4.2 that can be purchased from our Wilcom site www.wilcom.com/Products/TrueSizerProducts.aspx to open the EMB design file format you've created and saved in Hatch v2.

TrueSizer Free trial version can open EMB design files but Hatch v2 will save the EMB design in a higher file format version of the EMB file.

This link would list the version of the Wilcom .EMB format the TrueSIzer Desktop free version can open .

Hope this was able to help answer your inquiry.

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